Water and nature conservation is at the heart of everything that we do. Right from our protected ecosystem and bottling environment to ensuring zero water rejection and 100% recycling - our commitment to nature and your health and wellness always comes first. Sustaining our natural and original heritage is extremely important to us. Aava is bottled without any Reverse Osmosis or water rejection, hence every bottle of Aava saves 2 or more litres of bottled water. So every time you choose Aava you are making a choice that’s healthier for yourself and the planet. Get to know more about our philosophy for a greener tomorrow below.


From recharging our ground water to ensuring zero water rejection - there are a number of stringent measures we take to protect our precious resources.

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Aava is a certified natural mineral water under IS 13428 which bans the use of RO, UV, Ionization or any water rejection technologies. Not a single drop of water is rejected or wasted.

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Aava is registered with the CPBC and EPR compliant. As of March 2021 Aava is plastic neutral and we recycle more PET than we produce.

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