Five reasons to drink Aava Natural Mineral Water


Mineral water is such an important part of our busy lives. It helps us stay hydrated on the go. Did you know that 90% of the mineral water brands available online and in-store are packaged and RO purified water brands which are completely demineralised? RO is also known to cause anywhere from 75 - 90% water rejection. Even the World Health Organisation warns against drinking demineralised RO water, calling it detrimental to the environment and human health. Our body is 60% water, yet we pay so much attention to what we eat and not what we drink. We want the vegetables we eat to be organic and farmed, but what about the water that we are drinking? Should our water come from a remote area relatively untouched, made by Mother Nature, or an urban factory in the middle of a major city? Natural mineral water like Aava that's sourced from a protected underground aquifer is alive with the goodness of naturally-occuring minerals. Aava's essential minerals and electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates, sodium etc contribute to your overall health and wellness. Moreover, bottling Aava requires no RO, UV, Ionization or Ozonization so there is zero water rejection.Aava was western India's first natural mineral water under IS 13428 to launch in 2005. For the last 17 years, it has been internationally awarded and recognised as one of India's most premium natural mineral water brands and is served at the best hotels, airlines and institutions. Here are 5 key reasons that make Aava a healthy natural mineral water for your wellbeing and the environment.


1. Aava Natural Mineral Water is sustainably sourced.


Aava natural mineral water is sourced from protected confined aquifers in a low density area with a thriving natural ecosystem that's home to thousands of indigenous flora and fauna. For 20 years, Aava trickles down from the catchment area from the foothills of the Taranga in the Aravalli range to our deep underground aquifers. Aava's water sources and origin have been certified by leading hydrogeologists, international authorities and certified under IS 13428 since 2005. Know more here. Packaged drinking water (IS 14543) can be sourced from anywhere and requires RO and other purification processes


2. Every bottle of Aava Water saves 3 litres of bottled water.


Aava water is originally bacteria-free and mineral-rich hence it requires no RO, Ionization, Ozonization or UV Radiation. In reverse osmosis (RO), water is purified in a manner that filters out unwanted molecules, sediments and bacteria. But this also removes all the essential healthy minerals in the water.  For every litre of packaged water purified using RO, 2 or more litres of water is wasted. In fact RO filters cause up to 74% water wastage.


3. Aava Mineral Water is a 100% natural, alkaline and healthy for you.


Studies show how the bioavailability of minerals from natural mineral water like Aava is good and can be compared with the values derived from milk. Aava's balanced natural composition of calcium, magnesium, sodium, silica, bicarbonates, sodium and alkaline pH 8 top up the health-boosting mineral reserves you ingest through a balanced diet. Aava's natural minerals protect heart health, mood and memory function, benefit bone density, aid digestion, reduce acidity, and could help prevent deficiencies that cause diseases such as osteoporosis, especially when supplemented with the right nutrition. Know more about how Aava naturally alkaline water helps health and wellness here.


4. Aava is the only Indian mineral water brand to be internationally awarded for packaging and taste.

Did you know that Aava's iconic cup-cap packaging was awarded the Bottled Water World Awards 2007 held in New Mexico city? Apart from this Aava's superior sweet taste also received two gold stars at the Superior Taste Awards 2017 held by the International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels. The worlds best sommeliers and taste experts described Aava as an elegant and stylish water, having the perfect balance of minerality, character and finesse. Since 2005, Aava is one of the only mineral water brands in India that has achieved international recognition for its packaging as well as its taste.


5. Aava is a plastic neutral and sustainable natural mineral water brand in India.

While the rest of the world recycles only about 45% of its PET waste, India recycles 92% through a unique waste management ecosystem involving kabadiwalas, ragpickers and recyclers. Aava has recycled 48 million bottles as of 2019-2021 under the EPR regime and complying with the Plastic Waste Management Rules. Aava is plastic neutral and recycles more PET than produced by partnering with cloud recyclers and our in-house recycling ecosystem. Aava is also ethically sourced and bottled without any RO or water rejection and our reservoirs are constantly recharged through check dams. From ethical water sourcing, biodiversity conservation to efficient waste management – Aava is water with a conscience.


So everytime you choose Aava water, you are making a choice that's healthy for you and the planet.

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