Aava Sparkling Water vs Soda Water - What is the Difference?


Do you know the difference between those who drink soda water and sparkling water? People who drink Sparkling Water actually have taste. That's because Sparkling Water is rich in natural minerals that impart taste and wellness, just like Aava Sparkling Water does. 


The main reason for this is the water source. Aava's natural mineral water that's sourced from a protected confined aquifer is lightly carbonated at source which enhances its crisp and sweet taste. The water remains untouched and unprocessed, retaining its original composition and flavour which the carbonation lightly enhances. Certain rare geological conditions can produce naturally carbonated water. Naturally carbonated waters have historically been highly sought after for their supposed curative properties like helping digestion. However today, Sparkling Waters are made effervescent through added carbonation, or Co2 is harvested separately from the source and then added back while bottling. 


Here are the key differences you should know between Soda water and Aava Sparkling Water.



Soda water does not have a fixed origin, it could be sourced from anywhere. Since it is put through RO and other purification purposes which completely demineralise the water, the source is not of much significance. Whereas Aava Sparkling Water is ethically sourced from a protected confined aquifer without any harsh bottling processes which preserves its original minerality and taste.



Did you know that  RO causes up to 74% water wastage? Soda Water is made by first purifying the water through RO and other purification processes which remove all impurities from the water, but they also remove all healthy natural minerals which give water a unique taste and impart wellness. The result? Demineralised H20 with no taste or hydration benefits. To this, Co2 is added while bottling. Hence soda water is strong on the fizz factor. Whereas with Sparkling Waters they can be effervescent, lightly sparkled or bold depending on whether the Co2 is naturally occurring, separately harvested or added at source. Aava is a classic Sparkling Water where the carbonation enhances the sweet and smooth flavour profile of our water.



All Sparkling and Soda waters are acidic due to the presence of carbon dioxide. However it's the carbonation that gives you the tingling sensation and oral feedback. After the initial fizz dies down you can taste the water, if the minerals are preserved. Which is not the case with soda water since it is completely demineralised. Aava Sparkling water on the other hand is enriched with naturally-occurring calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates, sodium, silica which lend a smooth mouthfeel and sweet finish to Aava. The carbonation enhances this taste sensation. If you want to bring out the best flavor in your favourite spirits, swap your soda water with Aava Sparkling Water while making your drinks. 



This is not a claim, but a fact backed by science. The number one reason for hangovers is that alcohol contributes to dehydration which can cause headaches, thirst and fatigue. Plus the added sugar from chasers and colas do more harm than good. Swapping your soda water with Aava Sparkling water ensures your body is constantly being recharged with natural electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, sodium etc. This won't completely take away your hangover but it will definitely play a role in ensuring you're not completely dehydrated and mitigate some side effects. Plus no added sugar equals zero calories and zero guilt.



Did you know that before Aspirin was invented in 1898, common digestive problems such as dyspepsia or indigestion were best alleviated with a glass or two of naturally carbonated spring water, rich as it is with natural minerals? Not everyone had access to this, hence that's how the phenomena of carbonated beverages came about. We pay so much attention to what we eat, yet we rarely notice the nutrition and wellness in our water that we drink. Drinking Soda Water will quench your thirst for a moment but it has no wellness benefits since it is totally demineralised. Natural electrolytes and minerals go a long way to prevent dehydration, aid digestion and help your body function. We don't manufacture these in our body and need these from our diet. Aava Sparkling Water is mineral rich, great tasting and will ensure you are always hydrated and healthy, no matter what you drink with it.

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