Sip on Nature's Best Kept Secret for Glowing Skin


It’s a commonly known fact that drinking water and staying hydrated helps your skin. However, it also depends on what water you drink. If you drink mineral-rich water with naturally-occurring silica, you’ll be one step closer to achieving glowing skin. The hype is real, read to know why. 


Meet nature’s best kept skincare secret – Silica. Many forms of silica exist in nature and compelling data supports the benefits of silica in water. Silica is an all-purpose beauty booster. The naturally occurring mineral is an essential component of elastin—the  protein in your connective tissue and dermis. Silica also helps collagen development, which means it helps your skin self-repair.


Silica is a naturally occurring compound in plants, humans and found in most rocks, clays and sands. Did you know that the mass of the earth’s crust is 59% silica? During Aava's 20 year underground journey from the Aravallis to our protected aquifers, it is naturally enriched from the earth with silica along with other alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Aava is one of India’s only mineral water brands with a silica composition of 10-15 mg in every litre. Natural mineral water like Aava is a part of your diet and a bioavailable source of minerals and electrolytes – it’s even proven by science.  This makes Aava water a natural source of silica in your diet, that’s especially healthy for your skin, including your hair and nails too. Infact Aava’s silica composition also gives the water a smooth mouthfeel with a slightly sweet aftertaste, noted by the world’s best water sommeliers at the International Taste and Quality Institute Awards in 2017.


Silica promotes collagen production which helps reduce sun-damage , fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen reverses aging by promoting skin elasticity. As you grow older your collagen production decreases, and hence silica plays a super important role in your diet. Here’s how you can incorporate Aava’s silica enriched  natural mineral water in your daily routine for healthy skin, hair and nails.



Aava’s silica composition is 100% natural and perfectly safe to consume everyday. Since Aava is certified under IS 13428, the water is not purified through any harsh processes and it is completely free from additives. Fun fact: Silica is the third most abundant mineral in the body after iron and zinc. It is naturally present in Aava well within permissible limits. Silica helps blood cells carry 20% more oxygen to the skin which can give your skin a hydrated and healthy glow. Hence drinking Aava everyday is perfectly safe and healthy for you. 



Beat the heat and humidity by making a refreshing face mist or skin spray with Aava. With an average of 13 mg/l silica composition, Aava’s natural mineral water is perfectly compatible with all skin types and  all skin care regimes. A quick spritz of Aava water can also help remove perspiration, ocean salt, and pool chlorine from the skin. You could use it as a setting spray or to soothe sunburns. A light misting of Aava over makeup can refresh your look, make it last longer through the day. Aava’s silica rich natural mineral water spray can work wonders for a baby's irritated skin during a diaper change. 



Silica is a miraculous mineral for hair care and goes a long way to reduce hair thinning and strengthen hair. It does so by carrying essential nutrients to the hair follicles. If you are already incorporating silica rich Aava in your diet, there’s also topical treatments that can help. Incorporate Aava in your DIY hair spritz or wonder water made with rice water, rosemary and in some cases even apple cider vinegar depending on your hair care concern. 



Did you know that studies have shown that drinking silica-rich natural mineral water can help your body get rid of other toxins such as aluminum? Aluminum is a toxin commonly present in drinking water that has been strongly linked to Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Research has shown that an increase of 10 mg/day in silica intake from drinking water was associated with a reduced risk of dementia, by detoxing the body of aluminum. 


Aava is not a cure or medicine, in fact no water can be. So if you have any specific concerns you must check with a qualified healthcare professional. Aava’s naturally occurring minerals are important for a healthy diet since these minerals cannot be manufactured by the body. Just like you take care of your health and your skin by investing in organic foods and supplements, try drinking better water too – it goes a long way to help you glow inside out. Remember, healthy skin starts from within. 


*This article is featured as a part of our Sommelier Speak series authored by our in-house certified water sommelier Avanti Mehta who tastes, evaluates and educates others about natural mineral water

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